Black Medium M5 FCS1 Thruster NYLON – Curve

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Curve FCS1 thruster M5 nylon

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Fins Nylon Thruster G3 / M3 fins, G5 / M5 fins, G7 / M7 fins – FCS Dual Tab style
G3 / M3, G5 / M5, G7 / M7 style surfboard fins plus other sizes (see below)
FCS dual tab compatible
strong extra stiff Nylon construction
comes as three fin set (except NL come in pairs)
great as a spare set when travelling
includes fin key
choose from black or bone

FCS compatible Nylon surfboard fins: Nylon fins are an economical line of FCS compatible surfboard fins designed for a variety of wave conditions. They are built tough with optimum flex, and come in 5 sizes.

Available in 5 sizes:

size N7: larger fin – G7/M7 style – for surfer weight over 80kg – set of 3

size N4: performance shape fin – similar to 5 but slightly shorter and with more rake in the tip for bigger waves / more powerful surfers – set of 3

size N5: all rounder fin – G5M5 style – novice to intermediate – set of 3

size N1: smaller performance fin – ideal for medium to small surfers – smaller centre fin for faster release from turns – set of 3

size NL: sidebite fin for Longboards or Quads – pair of 2