Fins Quad Rear FCS1 HEXCORE – Curve

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Curve FCS1 quad rears

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Surfboard Fins Quad NZ Performance Core Fibreglass + Hexcore Fins
Quad Surfboard Fin Sets in 3 size combinations:
Small – surfer weight up to 70kg – Quad set consists of 2x size m3 front, and 2x size m1 rear

Medium – surfer weight 65 – 80kg – Quad set consists of 2x size m5 front, and 2x size m3 rear

Large – surfer weight 75+kg – Quad set consists of 2x size m7 front, and 2x size m5 rear

Fibreglass + Hexcore = Lightweight Power
Curve Hexcore is the perfect combination of power and speed for those seeking the advantages of superior surfboard fin performance.

The stiffer flex pattern of fibreglass means you can load more power into turns with noticeably improved hold, while the lightweight hexcore interior reduces overall weight. Being fibreglass, the tip retains its responsiveness for a highly impressive level of control. Add the benefits of strength and durability and you have the ultimate combination of power and speed – in a high performance yet affordable fin.

Get hexcores and take your surfing to the next level.

Small = 2x size 3 front / 2x size 1 rear
Medium = 2x size 5 front / 2x size 3 rear
Small = 2x size 7 front / 2x size 5 rear
Inside Foil
* fins include inside foil which is desirable for increased water efficiency over the fin surface, adding lift and reducing drag. The resulting hyrdo-dynamics provide what can be likened to the fin gripping the wave face when turning, the extra hold translating into speed and responsiveness just when you need it most.