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Retro Cruiser 32″ Coral Sea – Penny

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Penny Coral Sea Retro Cruiser 32″

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With a shape and size modeled after the cruiser boards of decades past, our 32″ cruiser is our most versatile board to date. The stiff nose and tail allow you to pop up curbs, grind a ledge, film your friends or just cruise the streets. Our secret plastic formula mixed with just the right amount of fiberglass give you a stable ride with the unique flex that you’ve come to expect from Penny. Your new favorite all-terrain cruiser is here.

The Blackout 32″ Cruiser features our classic, blacked out deck with a functional nose and tail as well as concave to give the feel of your favorite cruiserboard. The board has wheel wells to stop wheel bites, and spray on grip for added foot security.

  • Wheels and Bearings: The Blackout 32″ cruiser has black 54mm, 90A wheels. They are perfect for smooth cruising without sacrificing speed. The 54mm size is also versatile enough for popping up curbs, slashing grinds, or cruising the boardwalk. The black wheels are paired with super fast, black ABEC 7 bearings for speed and durability
  • Trucks and Bushings: The all new Blackout 5″ aluminum Penny trucks offer stability and turnability in a lightweight package. Our trucks are designed to turn with 83A bushings, easily adjusted by tightening or loosening the kingpin.
  • Bolts: The Blackout 32″ has black high tensile deck bolts
  • 32″ x 8.5″ Plastic Cruiser
  • 5-inch aluminum trucks with powder-coated finish
  • 54mm, 90A wheels for a smooth ride
  • 83A color-coded cushions
  • Color-coded high tensile deck bolts
  • Quality Color-coded Abec 7 stainless steel bearings



Penny Size Guide


  • Our 22” Penny is a great size for skaters looking for easy transportation and fits perfectly in our Penny Pouch Backpacks when you’re not skating. It’s also great for those younger Penny riders who are on the smaller side.


  • The 27” it is the ultimate all round skateboard. Commonly referred to as the “Nickel,” this board boasts the same great features as the 22” however its larger deck is great for perfecting new skate tricks or beginners looking for a little more stability.


Penny Skateboards

12 years experience in skateboard manufacturing has given me a strong appreciation for what it takes to make great quality skateboards. I’ve channeled everything I’ve learnt in manufacturing and design to come up with a high performance, long lasting, ultra fun plastic skateboard. From looking at any skateboard you can see whether its fundamentals are balanced. You can see it as each component comes together to make the final product and you can feel it under your feet and in your hands. And, it’s what sets Penny Skateboards above all the rest.

Each Penny Skateboard is built with the highest quality raw materials and fanatical attention to detail. Penny Skateboards are designed and built to look good, perform well, and exceed all your expectations. Penny Skateboards, since forever.


Ben Mackay