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SolRide Surf Truck combo

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SolRide is a new surf style skateboard manufacturing company located in Santa Barbara California, founded in 2020.

SolRide’s patented surf skate truck technology allows for higher performance, lighter and lower profile surf skates. Our innovative front truck design allows riders to complete turns and carves that would be impossible with a standard truck, allowing riders find new lines in the park or on the street!

Building off of the iconic 70’s skateboard, SolRide’s modern front truck technology gives the rider a rail to rail ride style and feeling of surfing a wave on the road. To accomplish this, we designed a first of its kind, surf style truck that utilizes a urethane-rubber torsion bushing and bearing system that allows the front axle to turn in a fixed pendulum motion providing higher performancelower profile and a faster turning ride than any other surf-skate competitor on the market!


  • 4 Inner-changeable bushings
  • No Wheel-Bite
  • Higher Performance
  • Lower Profile
  • Lighter weight
  • Made in the USA


Convert your skate to the ultimate surf style ride with the SolRide Surf-Setup Truck Combo!


Combo comes complete with:

1 x SolRide Surf Style Front Truck
1 x SolRide Standard Rear Truck
1 x Surf Skate Bushings DuroPack


SolRide Surf Style Front Truck



SolRide’s patented surf skate truck technology allows for higher performance, lighter and lower profile surf skates. Our innovative front truck design allows turns and carves that would be impossible with a standard truck, allowing riders to find new lines in the park or on the street!

SolRide’s Surf Skate truck is a patented, first of a kind technology. It combines a high-rebound polyurethane bushing and high-performance bearings that snugly fit into its central hub/base plate, with a “stem” portion of the hanger inserted into the polyurethane bushing and pressed into the base. This creates what is known as a “rubber torsion spring”.

This rotating mechanism is secured in place by a double bearing union; with a kingpin and locknut to securely join the hanger and base system in place. The bearings allow our trucks to smoothly rotate precisely in a fixed pendulum motion along a central axis point, while the poly-torsion spring allows for quick rebound, acceleration and smooth responsive turning with minimal effort for the sweet rail ride.

SolRide Surf Style Skate Truck


The SolRide Surf Style Front Truck offers deep carves, and a pure surf-skate style. We recommend the following setup to avoid wheel bite when using our surf style front truck:

Pure Surf Skate Setup
* Pure surf skate setup with unlimited turning radius. Fast, snappy, responsive… good for deep carves, and surf training.
52mm to 56mm wheels will require 1/2” risers
57mm to 64mm wheels will require 3/4” risers
65mm to 73mm wheels will require 1” risers

For those looking for more aggressive skating maneuvers on the street or in the bowl we offer a proprietary removable high-performance stainless-steel Pivot Brake Insert, that eliminates wheel bite when skating a low-profile riser. Our pivot brake easily inserts into the base of our front truck.

High-Performance Setup w/ Pivot Brake Installed:
* High-Performance surf skating for tricks, bowls, and park setting. The pivot brake insert allows you to use shorter risers, keeping you low to the ground while preventing wheel bite. Our pivot brake insert can be easily inserted into the base of our front truck, with removal just as quick.
51mm to 55mm wheels should use ¼” risers
56mm to 59mm wheels should use .3 (or 1/3”) risers


SolRide has engineered its axle to be in the leading position in relation to the center axis, making our truck more responsive than our competition. When the axle and wheels are in the “lead” position, it takes very little effort/force for the wheels to respond back to the opposite side of the turn giving the rider a feeling of surfing on land.

Our revolutionary design is different to our competitors that use older swing arm technology with a trailing axle, reducing performance when transitioning from one turn into the next.

Front Bushings

* All durometers receive high scores on the Bayshore Rebound scale
Our proprietary high rebound bushings are engineered for performance. They are available in 4 durometers allowing you to set-up your board for your perfect ride. Each SolRide Surf Style Front Truck comes standard with the Green 65A bushing.  Check the “Bushing Change-Out Tutorial” tab for instructions on swapping out the bushing.

SolRide Bushings Pack

Green: 65A Soft: Surfiest ride // Most responsive loose bushing
Purple: 72A Med: Surfy ride with increased stability // Ideal for park or high-performance maneuvers // Great for beginners
Red: 78A Med/Hard: Stiffer ride with maximum stability // Great for beginners

Blue: 86A Hard: Stiffest ride // Designed for larger riders

SolRide Standard Rear Truck

The Solride Standard Rear Truck is durable, lightweight, and low profile perfectly complementing the SolRide Surf Style Front Truck.