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Instant Ding Repair – Aerial Material

$15.00 Incl GST

Instant Ding Repair – Aerial Material

Availability: 5 in stock


Ding Repair Putty – for Polyester and Epoxy Surfboards.

No sanding, no sun, surf while the repair cures!

  •  surfboard ding repair kit with rapid 20 minute cure time
  •  amphibian cure lets you surf while the repair cures – no wait!
  •  no sun required! activation is caused by hand mixing
  •  just break it, mix it and fix it
  •  cures white in colour
  •  polyester and epoxy compatible
  •  easy re-sealable cap – perfect for travelling
  •  can be sanded, or simply smooth repair with wet fingers
  •  essential for your travel kit for repairs on the road

 Don’t wait for the sun to come out, Aerial Material Instand Ding Repair cures hard and permanent in any weather condition, even underwater. Your board is ready to surf on as soon as you have applied the putty and will cure in about 20 minutes, even while you are surfing on it!

Fix holes, not just cracks, and easily re-build tricky repairs like noses, tails and rails while you are on the go.  Cures fiberglass white, both fiberglass and epoxy surfboards. Don’t leave home without it!